Grief and Loss

I can truly recommend Denise - besides being a wonderful person, she also knows her stuff! I went to see her about 6 months ago when life threw me my biggest challenge yet and I hit my rock bottom hard. And I already walked out of the first session feeling much better than before. She deals with past traumas and issues and patterns and she is not like any other counsellor - it's not just talking. She actually uses different techniques on you and it works! Looking forward to attending her workshop - it will be awesome!
Katre T. Sunshine Coast, Qld

After the loss of my husband, I became very depressed, withdrawn and unable to function. My kids were very worried about me and suggested I see Denise for counselling. In working with Denise, I came to realize that what I was experiencing was a normal grief reaction. Just knowing that what I was feeling was normal after someone dies gave me permission to accept my feelings and know that I wouldn’t feel this way forever. Slowly, I’m learning to enjoy life once again.
Jocelyn W. Caloundra, Qld

My husband left me for another woman after 15 years of marriage. I was not only devastated but very angry and bitter. I couldn’t seem to get past the anger and resentment and move on with my life no matter what I did about it. That betrayal had left me with some very deep wounds and I didn’t think I would ever be able to trust a man ever again!
That’s when I heard about Denise and her work from a friend who had attended one of her workshops. I’m so glad I went to see her. Her work helped me let go of that anger and resentment and it helped me become stronger and like myself more.
Carol P. Buderim, Qld


I wanted to sincerely thank you for letting me be part of your wonderful workshop last weekend. It was so interesting, deep and definitely very eye opening. You made everybody feel so in ease and the energy for the whole weekend was just amazing!
And the workshop was very well organized and facilitated - I loved that you didn't try to cram too much in, took time to work on every step and gave us plenty of time to work on ourselves with absolutely great guidance. Even though we worked in a group, I felt you gave plenty of attention to everyone and helped us with our beliefs and patterns individually. I always enjoy working with you because you seem to have a perfectly logical answer to all my problems and everything just seems so much clearer after talking to you 🙂 And I'd like to thank you for the bottom of my heart for all the work you do for me and other people - you're a legend! Looking forward to many more workshops and sessions with you 🙂
Katre T. Caloundra, Qld

I recently had the great fortune of attending the workshop "The Magnetic Woman" hosted by Denise Dale whom I have know for many years. As I have been doing a lot of inner work and understand the role our beliefs play in our lives I completely get where this workshop is coming from.
The things that I loved about the workshop was the small intimate group which made us all feel more comfortable to share with each other. I loved the way Denise shared so much of her "story" with us which helped with the connection between us. We learned a lot over the weekend but I have to say that I was completely surprised by an incredible awareness from one of our activities, which I had previously been aware of, but not really seen it the way Denise described it.
I have gained even more CLARITY from this weekend about myself and how I see the world around me. Denise is very generous with her information and you will come away with not only a new perspective about yourself and your relationships, but also with lots of tools and techniques to keep you going.
I can't speak highly enough of this great woman!! Thank you Denise and you can find out more on her Facebook page Denise Dale Counselling Services.
I feel truly blessed to know you.
Julie W. Sunshine Coast, Qld

A great combination of information, theory and experiential.
Athena P. Melbourne, Vic

I attended The Magnetic workshop led by Denise Dale in October 2014. I am happily married but thought it would be fun to go through the process anyway. I was very impressed with Denise’s ability to bring participant’s issues up and help them understand how limiting beliefs hinder our growth.
Denise’s delivery is authentic and genuine. Whether you are single or married; if you are looking to improve your relationship with yourself; I would highly recommend this workshop as it will result in improving your relationships with others.
Renee P. Calgary, Alberta

I always knew I had beliefs blocking me although I was unable to figure them out. The course made so much sense and I feel I have started on a journey now. It’s never too late so look out!!!
Diane P. Maroochydore, Qld

I had no expectations except that I felt that Denise’s philosophy of counselling struck a chord. Lots of valuable information and tools to clear blockages to progress towards my desires were most beneficial. Practical, informative, stimulating and emotional. I really enjoyed it tremendously!
Karen W. Melbourne, Vic

Love and Success and Empowerment

Through all my years of work with Denise, the most valuable concept that grounded me was that the difficulties experienced in the past do not need to affect our future if we are willing to look at them.
Examination of the patterns and root causes, and actively changing the "pathways in the brain" has enabled me to become clearer on my core beliefs and values and to rework any that no longer fit.
Denise's clarity, skills, and enthusiasm for her life's work have propelled me through many stagnant, counter-productive times and reframed them all as learning experiences.
Most recently after attending Denise's workshop on "The Art of Deliberate Attraction", I have found my soulmate. I've never been happier!
Marilyn G. Calgary, Canada

I think last year was probably my best so far and I achieved everything and more that I could have hoped for. I learned a lot about myself thanks to your help and feel I have cleared a lot of unconscious barriers that were holding me back from achieving great things. I feel you have a great gift to help people.
Geoff S. Sunshine Coast, Qld

I just know where I was at when I first met you and compared to where I am now...it’s worlds apart. I now know where I want to go and with your help I know without a doubt that I will get there. Things are starting to shift , the future is bright!
Mark B. Cairns, Qld.

Through my work with Denise, I learned why relationships have been so challenging for me. What I liked about it was that she focused on the cause of the problem instead of the symptoms. Her practical no nonsense approach really suited me. I'm constantly hearing from friends and family how much I've changed for the better. I know this to be true as I'm attracting very different people into my life now. Thanks Denise for not only helping me discover who I am but also for helping me to like who I am.
John M. Sunshine Coast, Qld

I now feel happiness, joy, light hearted, love and many other emotions that I didn't know I had. My outlook on life has done a complete turn around and I now see it for the wonderful gift it is.
Francis C. Caloundra, Qld


You know when you say to your partner "it's not you, it's me; it's my stuff and I'm sorry I take it out on you but I can't help it"? That's the reason my partner and I went to see Denise.

What I learned from her is that anyone who has lived has had to deal with things that in some way or another formed their opinions, beliefs, fears, and pain.All those things play a part in every choice you make in your life, and when I decided to start making better choices, I needed someone to help me clear and finally give up those unwanted and often unwarranted beliefs I had built up.

People sometimes cringe when they hear "couple's therapy" and it scares them, because they are afraid of what might surface. But, because your partner is present, they get an instant insight into what it was that caused you to act in a certain way. Most importantly for me, my partner could finally understand that he wasn't doing anything wrong, and that I truly meant when I said "it's my stuff". And, I could to the same for him.

Because of the tools and advice Denise has given me, this healing remains a present in my life every day. My willingness to face myself with her as my guide has transformed my life in ways I never imagined possible.
I searched before, many times, and for me, Denise is a true healer, the real thing. She is the eye opener I needed for many years and remains a guiding light on my journey to discovering who I am by finding out who I'm not.
Tani D. Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Sometimes the only way to find out who you truly are is to find out who you are not. I had been to "therapists" before and had spent many years soul searching – trying to understand why I acted in certain ways in certain situations, however no matter who I saw and what I resolved to do, there were always certain aspects of my behaviour that seemed to "sabotage" my attempts to be true to myself, authentic.

My partner and I both came from dysfunctional previous relationships and we wanted help in finally facing and dealing with whatever beliefs, fears and other emotional pain that were embedded into our behavioural patterns. Denise's holistic approach made sense to us, but what was unique and in fact central to the journey with Denise was the fact that we attended the clearing sessions as a couple. Being present while Denise works with your partner to clear their "stuff" gives you a rare insight into that person and their behaviour, and how those patterns play out in your relationship and vice versa.

Its truly amazing to realize that these issues, these events, some as far back as your birth, have played a such a major part in your own personal self fulfilling prophecies, and that they have nothing to do with your partner but everything to do with your relationship as a couple.

Denise has given me the insight and ability to actually choose every day, to be true to myself and to be authentic as a person and as a partner. Thank you, Denise, from the bottom of my heart.
David Sunshine Coast, Qld


Over the past ten year I have sought the help of a number of different health professionals to help me overcome a persistent history of clinical depression. It wasn’t until I started working with Denise that I was finally able to get off the merry-go-round that my illness had become.

She was able to offer me a drug-free alternative to dealing with my depression. Her approach to counselling reflects a deep understanding of the reciprocal nature of the body, mind and spirit, and the role that each play in the healing process.
Teresa G. Melbourne, Vic

Your words of healing, inspiration and hope have inspired me to challenge myself. You have given me a light in a dark tunnel in the search for myself.
Stacey E. Calgary, Canada

Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

When I first came to visit Denise Dale in 2003, I could not sit nor stand for any longer than 5 minutes at any given time and so I spent my sessions alternating between standing and sitting as my aching body required of me.

A long time family friend, who knew that I was desperate and I would try any thing for change, referred me to Denise. I came from a very religious family and I was skeptical of anything unorthodox. I was very deeply grounded in belief systems that caused me to distrust anything that was not from my upbringing, even though I was in conflict with these beliefs.
At one time conventional medical doctors sent me home with a list of medications to manage my pain & told me to suffer in silence, as there was nothing they could do to ease my pain. I had a newborn child and I was distraught to acknowledge that I no longer wished to live in agony and I could ‘observe from spirit’ my child throughout her life. Could any mother imagine the pain of choosing to go and leave the child from your own body because your own pain was too much to bear? As if child birth was not enough to convince you that you can do anything life puts in your way!!

I am grateful to acknowledge that Denise and her skills have made ‘the world’ of difference to me & to the life that I deliberately chose to live. I had been a long-term sufferer from Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia since the age of 14. I am now 37 & live a full and productive life.

Today, I am a successful Pilates Instructor. I have recently completed my training to be a Hot Yoga Instructor for a well-known Yoga Studio and Chiropractic Studio in Southern Brisbane. I plan to continue in my teaching and training in movement forms as long as I shall live and to share my knowledge of movement and the wellbeing it can bring.

Denise has referred to me as “Her success Story” and I feel sure since I have seen Denise she has helped to change many more lives. Even if perhaps they did not return to share their total joy of change in their now productive lives I know that they would thank her daily as I do. Denise also taught me to give thanks to myself.

If life is to be lived then I plan to experience it in whatever way it was designed. Life is purposeful in its intention from the beginning of time. Life is a journey, it is meant to be discovered, and when you want it the most it will appear as it is ultimately designed to be.
Ellen L. Sunshine Coast, Qld