1. How are you different from other counsellors?

I work on the cause not the symptoms. If you want tips or advice on how to handle a particular problem or situation, I can give you that. However, what is going to have the most impact for a real and lasting change is to address what is causing you to react in a way that doesn’t benefit you. Talking about or analyzing a problem is certainly good, but it doesn’t necessarily make it go away. We start by looking at your reactions and overreactions to stressful situations and the role of cellular memory.

For example, let’s say someone was bitten by a dog when they were one year old. They can’t remember that event but every time they are in the vicinity of a dog, they panic and want to run in the other direction. It happens consistently no matter how old they are or where they are at the time, and they have no control over it. Even though they can’t remember being bitten at age one, the cells in their body remembers and are now perceiving a threat. This sends a signal to the brain that initiates a reaction called fight or flight. You either stay and fight the danger or run away from it. This is a physical example but there is no difference between a physical or an emotional threat. Fear of abandonment or fear of rejection are a couple of examples of emotional threats.

2. I want to work on my relationship with my partner, but he/she won’t come. What can I do?

I encourage you to come by yourself regardless. When you are working on a relationship, it only takes one person to get stronger and to change a pattern.

Whatever is going on in your life — whether your partner wants to come or not — if you can get clear on what you are feeling, what you want, and what it is that you are willing to do to resolve the problem, it will make a big difference to everyone involved.

3. I’m single and I would love to attract a relationship. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Helping people find good solid relationships is my passion.

Not only can I help you figure out what you want in a relationship but I can help you clear the blockages that have stopped you from attracting a good solid relationship in the past. For more information on this click on The Magnetic Woman link on this website where you will find a free webinar on the subject. (The same information applies to both men and women even if the webinar is for women),

4. How will I know if counselling is working for me?

Surprisingly other people will notice before you do! Because we address issues from the inside out, the shifts are cellular so your behaviour will just change automatically. Friends and family might say: “You know, normally you would react by doing X behaviour, and now you don’t do that any more” or “something is different about you, you’ve changed”. The shift is subtle but profound. Some people notice a change right away; for others it takes a bit longer. The thing to remember is that once an issue is cleared, you will naturally change. It’s not a mental process so you don’t need to think about it or analyze it for it to work.

5. Do you work with children?

Yes. I generally work with children aged 7 and up. It depends on the child. I can also do surrogate work with parents if the child is too young.

6. Is there a maximum age?

No. I’ve worked with people over 75 who have loved and benefited from it.

7. Do you deal with learning challenges?

Most of us have blind spots when it comes to learning. It could be reading and writing, mathematics, the discipline of homework, or something about the learning environment itself that causes stress. I work with children and adults who are still dealing with reactions to bad experiences they had when they were in school. Rather than letting those past negative experiences make us feel stupid or inadequate, there are ways we can deal and clear up those learning challenges without pain or embarrassment.

8. Do you work on health issues?

Yes, I do if the health issue is due to stress.

All issues, physical, emotional, mental, and often health issues, are symptoms of something deeper. Pain is your body’s way of telling you there’s something that you need to pay attention to. Don’t stop seeing your GP. I work alongside doctors and other medical practitioners to take a holistic approach to take care of the mind, body, and spirit. We will look at your emotional health; your overall well-being. Often a health issue is a stress response. This is especially true of problems like migraines, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety.

9. Can I get a rebate through Medicare?

No. Unfortunately Medicare does not recognize counsellors, only registered psychologists.

10. Can we do session via Skype or phone?

Yes. They work better if we’ve already worked face to face, or you’re familiar with my work; however it can work with new clients as well depending on what we’re working on. Skype sessions can be somewhat different than in person, but the results are the same. Talk to Denise about what would be best for you.

11. How do Skype sessions work?

We just set up a time and exchange Skype contact details. You pay for the session using the PayPal button on this website. If you can’t access Skype or Face Time, we can do a phone session.

12. What are your qualifications?

I hold a Diploma of Counselling, a Vocational Graduate Diploma of Grief and Loss Counselling, and a Diploma of Social Services. I have been a counsellor in private practice for over 25 years.

In addition to traditional counselling, I have accumulated tools from many disciplines along the way. I’m a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a One Brain System Practitioner and trained in a variety of Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT and TAT.


Do you have any additional questions? Please feel free to contact Denise.