Magnetic Woman presents

“Free to be Me!”

September 15  –  October 20, 2016

Battery Hill, Queensland

Over the six weeks, you will learn how to live a life that aligns with your true nature. Not what you have been conditioned to be, or what someone else wants you to be, but who you were created to be.



Definition: having great power to attract
We are all magnetic, but sometimes we keep attracting what we don’t want rather than what we desire. Often we don’t know why or how that is happening, and feel powerless to make a change.

This course is for you if:

  • you are tired of struggling with life’s challenges
  • you are ready to explore and release the things that stop you living a balanced life: limiting beliefs, old behaviour patterns, and fears
  • you are willing to take some time for yourself to connect with other like minded women
  • you feel as if you are missing something, but are not quite sure what that is
  • you feel disconnected from your purpose and path, from your inner self
  • you want to learn simple tools to reduce stress and clear self-doubt
  • you want to experience a profound inner shift
This course is a journey that takes us into our hearts. It is all about love: how to give and receive love and most importantly, how to embrace self-love. You will realize that the real obstacles to attracting your desires have not been outside yourself, but within you all along.

Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.
– Brene Brown –


HeartYou may want to attract a good solid relationship, financial abundance, improve family relationships, have a successful career or optimum health, or simply (and powerfully) live as your authentic self in all areas of your life; it always starts with the relationship you have with yourself.
During this course, personal transformation catalyst Denise Dale will teach you how to heal old wounds, complete the past and reclaim your power so that you can become whole again.


What I loved about the workshop was the small intimate group which made us comfortable to share with each other. Denise is very generous with her information and you will come away with not only a new perspective about yourself and your relationships, but also with lots of tools and techniques to keep you going. I can’t speak highly enough of this great woman!! Thank you Denise.

Julie (Sunshine Coast, QLD)




1- What is the authentic self

Are you living a life being defined by the outside world or from the inside out?

2- Identifying and clearing the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from being you

Our reality is created by our beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are often the results of lifelong “programming” and represent a powerful influence on our behaviour.

3- An evening of Face Reading

Discover what your facial features say about you! The shape of your eyebrows, the fullness of the lips, the angle of the eyes all say something about your authentic self, your true nature.

4- Getting to know your Inner Critic

We all have an Inner Critic but do you know it’s true purpose in your life? Learn how to create a new relationship with this important part of you.

5- Healing old wounds through forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing things you can do for yourself. Learn a profound technique for letting go of old hurts, betrayals, anger and pain of the past so that you don’t miss out on the beauty of life in present time.

6- Creating a positive future

Having discovered what you really truly want, learn how to use powerful tools for attracting and manifesting those desires.


The workshop was very well organized and facilitated – I loved that you didn’t try to cram too much in, took time to work on every step and gave us plenty of time to work on ourselves with absolutely great guidance. I felt you gave plenty of attention to everyone and helped us as a group and individually. Looking forward to many more workshops and sessions with you 🙂

Katre (Caloundra, QLD)

At the end of this course you will:


  • Feel whole, empowered and transformed, ready to embrace the world in a whole new way, as your authentic self
  • With a toolbox full of easy to use practical tools to draw on if and when you need them
  • Having made deep powerful connections and friendships with other like minded women
  • Having gained a profound understanding and acceptance of self and others
  • Be willing to walk forward with an open heart into an uncertain future knowing that you will be fully supported
Interested but still not sure? Contact Denise for a free 30 minute “Get Clarity Now” consultation.

I had many ah ha moments this weekend! I learned a lot about myself and particularly about the role of my inner critic. There were many good resources and tools given that will be easy for me to use on my own. Thank you Denise!

Amanda (Calgary, Alberta)


Denise Dale photoDenise Dale is an international certified counsellor and trainer who is fiercely committed to empowering women. She loves nothing more than being able to assist her workshop participants in experiencing profound and meaningful shifts from old conditioning so that they can become magnetic to their desires. With over 25 years of experience working with a diverse range of clients, along with an extensive toolbox, she is very skilled at helping individuals address whatever blockages they may have which are keeping them from living life as their authentic selves. One of her many gifts is her ability to establish trust, safety and a deep rapport, which allows her to gently guide her participants through the processes that will lead them to discover who they truly are.



When: 6 Thursday evenings from 15 September until 20 October
(15 September, 22 September, 29 September, 6 October, 13 October and 20 October)
Time: 7:00-9:30pm
Where: 18 Culla Culla Street, Battery Hill, QLD
Investment: $660.00 (inc GST). Payment plans available!
$100.00 non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot with the balance of payment due by 05 September 2016.